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These days, motivating people to buy and buyers to stay is more complicated than ever. You need a partner who understands the way today’s customer thinks. A partner who is fluent in the science, the engineering and the art of making connections. A partner who can help put your brand on the right path to building something way bigger than an introduction.

Our Science

Human nature fact: people don’t live in a straight line, so we developed a proprietary cross channel platform to defy linear behavior. That way we can better track and understand how and why consumers work, live, and socialize with their brands of choice. This gives us the immediacy and intimacy to deliver content when it’s likely to matter most.

Our Discipline

Proven. Agile. Accountable. Our process allows us to get your message into market faster, with more efficiency and less waste. And we are flexible enough to test, morph and retest as needed across channels and as behavior or environment dictates. We also take responsibility for driving growth — a risk that few are willing to take.

Your Return

Our mission is to listen, to be helpful, and to bring immense value — more than profit — to everything we do for you. We are relentless about producing exceptional work that’s precise, results-driven and beautifully crafted — on time and on budget.


Clients Past and Present

Since 2001, Wilson and gearDigital have been putting nimble performance marketing to work for blue chip clients in finance, insurance, telecom and wellness. Our team is smart, fast, agile and expert in all the ways you want and need to connect with the world — for powerful results.

Case Studies

  • We helped customers find harmony in finding a new credit card.

    MasterCard created its Find-A-Card program to help consumers navigate the process of choosing a credit card. On a single website, they could compare the benefits offered by different banks, select a card and apply — all in one.
  • We turned a forced relationship into a welcomed one.

    The swirl surrounding the affordable healthcare act can be daunting to newcomers now having to look for the right health insurance for their needs. Luckily, one insurance company — Kaiser Permanente — was ready to help those who were feeling the confusion and uncertainty about making the right choice.
  • We brought the holiday cheer last year…big time.

    The most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest for retailers. In addition to holiday sales, it’s also the time when business owners assess whether their current phone and Internet is still providing them with the best support and value for their needs.


Smart. Always on. Super fun. Here there’s no such thing as impossible. The greater the challenge, the greater we shine. We’re more than your standard agency folk. Get to know us. See us in action.
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Brandon Bryant
Lead Influencer
Paulina Canini
Account Executive
Nishi Chawla
Arnell Damasco
Senior Digital Engineer
Eric Dea
Senior Marketing Data Analyst
Tika Gulick
Rich Kass
Senior Project Manager
Tomas Kohoutek
Associate Creative Director
Brette Kreyer
Project Manager
Helen Lam
Accounting Assistant
Robert Lehmann
Creative Director/Copy
Molina Talleyrand Mootiram
Senior Human Resources & Operations Manager
Suzanne Raphael
Director of Integrated Production & Delivery
Jeanette Rivera
Studio Supervisor
David Schneider
Associate Account Executive
Kelsey Shalvoy
Art Director
Jordan Snyder
Junior Copywriter
Robin Spencer
Production Artist
Maggie Stamas
Account Supervisor
Todd Stanton
Associate Creative Director/Copy
Kristin Stevenson
Senior Art Director
Leigh Tedeschi
Director - Client Engagement
Dave Wilson
Chief Executive Officer


When you love what you do and where you do it, you work, play and care just a little bit more.


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